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Tiina Herttua is a Finnish visual artist holding a BFA degree from Lahti Institute of Fine Arts in Finland. She did part of her studies at ANU, Australia. She has been living and working in Finland, Italy and Australia, and currently her studio is near Sipoonkorpi National Park in Finland.

She has exhibited at over 15 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions in Finland, Australia, Japan and Austria, including many art museums. Her primary media is painting, but in addition to that she uses other materials and methods like paper clay, drawing, woodcuts, photography and installations in her artistic work.

She investigates the relationship between human and nature. Having stayed in outback as well as in several national parks around the world, the influence of harsh nature is seen in her works of art. She also conceptually covers difficult issues like changes of nature, environmental aspects, religion and situation of different groups of people.





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